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Our master bedroom closet is a wreck! And that’s about to change! I have been looking around on the internet for some inspiration and helpful tips in designing my own closet. That’s right….I want to design and build it myself. And I think I have found everything I need to make my closet an organized beauty!!

Ana White has designed this simple closet shelf and after reading the plan, I think this will be easy to build. 
I want one designed like the picture above on the back closet wall. I imagine it to look close to this when finished…

Then I am going to build two columns with two hanging rods between each. This will be on the side wall of the closet,  like the picture below…
Then it’s time to accessorize!! Got to get…
Decorative boxes for the very top shelves…… (love it!)

A little mirror and a little seat…both can make a little closet feel like a big dressing room!
Love the brass plates for labeling shelves! Such a classy look!!
(Photo credit for all pictures of finished closets: Real Simple)
All matching wood hangers….luuuuve the look! 
Right now, I am working on a project in my guest bathroom. ( I hope to share that project with you next week!) But I am warning you closet…you are next on my list!!! 
So how’s your closet looking?? Time for some organization?? Need some tips?? Real Simple has a Clothing Closet Organizing Checklist. Print it out and start taking mini steps towards a more organized home!!


  1. I really need to re-organise my wardrobes too! I have 2 large Victorian free-standing ones in my bedroom and they’re neither use nor ornament. I’d love to have my room revamped with adequate wardrobe and drawer space.

    Found you via Tuesday blog hop.
    CJ xx

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