Basement Family/Play Room Makeover – Week 5


Hey there! It’s time to share my progress on the basement family/play room makeover. I have finished all the a painting which is nice. You may remember that I painted one accent wall with Sea Star and the rest were Revere Pewter. It’s such nice color combination as you can see in the picture below…


Are the birthday balloons part of my decor? Sure…every basement needs some balloons! Kidding. Actually, I was hiding these down here yesterday because today is my oldest sons 10th birthday. I decorated the upstairs banister with all of these so he would have a nice surprise this morning!  As you might imagine, not a ton of work is going to happen to this space today. 🙂

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I ran into a problem on Tuesday. (You can watch the video HERE for all the details.) This corner unit is my problem…


I discovered that when installing it, the original owners cut into the drywall. So…I was trying to decide between removing it and repairing the drywall or just leaving it. I think I’ve finally made a decision and will show you what I picked next week. 😉 I’m loving my new chairs that arrived though! 

The clock is ticking…one more week to show this space completed. Can I do it? It’s going to be close! 

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