Alpo® Homestyle Prime Slices Gravy Cravers Review

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food. All opinions are 100% mine.

A few weeks ago I shared with you a little fact about our dog, Butters. 
He’s a picky eater. So the challenge was on with Alpo®.
I stopped at Target a few days ago and grabbed a couple cans of Alpo’s® Homestyle Prime Slices. 
It was on sale for a really great price so that’s always a nice treat. 🙂

I brought it home and showed the can to Butters. I don’t think he was all that impressed at first. 
Doesn’t that look just say, “Seriously?! You want me to try another dog food?”


But then I popped the top of the can and let him sneak a smell and a little taste.
 He quickly changed his mind.

Butters was totally into that Alpo®. 
I grabbed the can to scoop some into his bowl and he was at full attention. 
He’s eyes were glued to me and my every movement! 
He waited for one picture, but that was all I got.

He could wait no longer. He dived into the bowl and started lapping up the gravy first. 
Don’t believe me? Check out this video!

And this is what’s left folks…

That’s right, nothing! He ate it all in record time. 
What can I say but I’m very impressed with the Alpo®! 

Do you have a picky dog like mine? 
Then you may want to check out ALPO’s Facebook Page or ALPO’S HOMEPAGE 
for a new tasting dog food that your pup possibly may love. 🙂

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