A Garage Clean Out Challenge…Week 2: Organize

I started this month long challenge
kinda forgetting that I would be gone on vacation for two weeks.
So yea, you could say I am teensy bit behind.
But I am determined to finish.

This weeks challenge was to organize.
Just so you know, when I organize…I make a big mess first. 🙂

Okay, pull it together Laura just start the first step…organizing.

Alright, so I started painting.
Wait, what?
That’s right. I decided to paint my garage.
I know…I am totally throwing in extra steps.
But I have wanted to make my garage 
a space that I am proud of rather than 
being embarrassed every time the garage door goes up. 😉

I knew I wanted a soft mint color.
But I didn’t want to buy any more paint.
I know what I will do…
I’ll mix a cup of the turquoise paint from my laundry room 
into a can of white paint.

Introducing what I call…Laura’s Mint Ice.

Not bad, huh? Better than just drywall!

So I now officially have the left side of the garage completely painted.

I then organized all my holiday signs and donated some that I never use anymore.

I also have moved a bench and bookcase over to the corner
that will be my future mud room zone. 

The bench was from my son’s nursery and it is going to go white.
I also want to add some coat hangers for jackets and backpacks.
This space is coming together…slowly.

Besides the paint idea, I also had another revelation while I was cleaning.
I found this old tool organizer from my teaching days.

I used it as an alphabet stamp organizer.
I was about to throw it out because obviously 
I am not going to be teaching anytime soon.
And then a ton of bricks hit me………WAIT!
You actually USE tools now!!
I can use this organizer for what
it was originally designed for…duh! 

And I did just that,
complete with custom labels!
Love it!

So no…I am not finished yet.
And yes…I have a ton of work to still do.
On to week 3!

If you would like to see my progress from the start:
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Week #1

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  1. You’re making great progress on your garage! I followed you on FB so I can see how it turns out 🙂 I LOVE the peg board organizer for your holiday signs. Good luck with the rest of the cleanout!

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