5 Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Better

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My older son loves broccoli. He begs me to eat it every single night. Wait, what? No, that’s not right. Actually he eats it but he would rather have a plate full of gummy bears! Does this sound like your kid too? Getting kids to eat well can be a challenge at times. I have experienced my share of fights over the years, but through the process I’ve also learned a few tips that have worked.

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Better

Watch the clock. I often find my son gets more cranky and fussy when he goes too long without eating. I need to make sure  he gets three meals, morning and afternoon snack and lots of fluids. He loves juice but I cut it in half with water.

Plan those meals. Fast food is way to easy. There have been times when I didn’t plan ahead, I was tired and I gave in to the drive thru. If I take the time to plan, we all eat better. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy. I always make sure to have a protein, a couple veggies and a carb- like rice, bread or potatoes.

meal planning

Lead by example. The healthier I eat, the more healthier my kids eat. I want fruits and veggies to be a consistent part of their diet for years to come.

Keep the junk out. My son can’t eat what I don’t buy. Less junk food in the house means more opportunities to eat fruits and dairy products like yogurt. Chobani Kids and Tot Pouches are perfect for my boys.  They contain real fruits and vegetables and nothing artificial. And with less than 25% less sugar, they’re a great source of calcium and protein. When I use this Chobani Kids Savings coupon, I can stock up and included them in school lunches too! 😉

Chobani is great for kids lunches too!

Moderation is key. Every now and then we still eat the burger and fries meal. Sebastian has learned that “sometimes” foods like cookies and even Gummy Bears are allowed. If I make a food “forbidden” my son just wants it even more and that’s not the goal I’m working towards.

I have a sneaky feeling as my kids get older choosing the healthy option will get trickier. But for now they are going to eat healthy and like it! 😉

What tips (or tricks) do you use to help your kids eat better?

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