21 Days To A Clean Organized Home: Getting Ready


Tomorrow is the big day…the start of my 21 Days Series. If you haven’t already signed up, run over here and join. 

I wanted to give you a few tips to get you ready and a list of a few things to have on hand.

First off, remember that it didn’t take you 21 days to get your house unorganized. But with baby steps, everyday, you will make progress and see the fruit of your labor. 

Some great things that will help you through the process is a large box, a few trash bags and some organizing bins. 

The box will be used for collecting items that will be for donation. The trash bags will be for, you guessed it, trash. And the bins will be helpful to keep items separated and easy to find. 

Here’s a little secret…right now, tons of stores have their organizational supplies on sale. Target, Home Depot and even the Dollar Store would be great places to pick up some plastic totes, baskets and such. 

If you have a label marker, that would be great too! But if you don’t, that’s ok. I don’t. But I will have labels for you….of yes! Just you wait and see!! 😉

So, gather a few things up today and I will meet you back here tomorrow for the first day…so excited!

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