21 Days To A Clean Organized Home: Day 6- Lovin’ The Oven Clean


Today I thought I would explain cleaning the oven in steps. Warning…lots of embarrassing pictures ahead. Well…embarrassing for me.

Step 1: (for me only) 
Hang your head low and try not to make eye contact when asked
“Why is your oven so dirty? Don’t you clean it?”

Step 2: 
Show everyone a close-up of the dirty oven in all its disgusting glory.

Step 3:
Take your vacuum and suck up everything 
off the bottom of the oven.

Step 4:
Try a new process you read about on the internet to clean 
the oven door glass. 1/2 cup baking soda and a little
water to make a paste. Spread it on the glass and 
wait 20 minutes. ( I waited 30….did you see the glass?)

Step 5:
Clean the knobs. Simply pull them off and wash with
soap and water. Now notice on my stove, yucky stuff that was 
living behind those knobs. I cleaned that too!! 

Step 6:
Remove the oven racks. Take a towel and lay it
in the bottom of your bath tub. Lay the racks on top.
Then add some HOT water and Dawn.
Let them soak for a few hours. 
Scrub with scouring pad.  Rinse well, towel dry. 

Step 7:
Return to the oven glass door, wipe off baking soda and find this…

Yep…that soooo did not work!! Maybe I have too much 
burnt on stuff, I don’t know. But I have a plan B. 🙂

Step 8:
Remove coils and take out the reflector bowls.
Soak them in some hot water with Dawn.
Depending how dirty, may need a little extra TLC with cleanser.
Don’t forget to also wipe coils with a wet sponge.

Step 9:
Open top of stove and clean with a damp sponge. 
Check the sides too. Mine were yucky. ( Surprised??)

Step 10:
Clean out the bottom drawer with a wet sponge.

Step 11: 
Now this is the step I am going to take to clean 
the glass on the door and the oven itself…
hit that self-clean button!! Oh yea!

Step 12:
Put everything back and enjoy your clean oven. 
Note to self: clean periodically so you don’t have to 
show readers your dirty oven!

Now, this is a picture I am proud to show you (head held high). Did you check out the glass on the door? You would like a close-up? Well…sure…

You can see the reflection of my above microwave…yea, I am that good! And you can be, too!

The most important of all…make yourself a cocktail. 
And enjoy every sip…you earned it!!

Just a little reminder, tomorrow is link up day. So get your pictures ready. You can link up any before and after cleaning/organizing project from this week. Or if you want, all 6!! See you tomorrow! 🙂


  1. This is definitly my least fave thing to clean. I HATE using the self-clean because it uses SOOO much energy, but I end up caving and using it verrry rarely. I have a habit of sticking a cookie sheet under my pans that have a possibility of spilling. It has significantly cut down on the grime.

  2. The baking soda trick works really well but you have to leave on overnight. Also works well on any potential or pan with baked on grease.

  3. Leave it on overnight? Oh Jen, where were you when I needed this information?? LOL. Thanks for sharing that tip, hopefully others will have better luck now. 🙂

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