12 Weeks To An Organized Home- Part 8

The refrigerator…

This is an area that can get gross fast. And an area that you never want to be gross. So staying on top of this is key. Let’s start again with the before pictures.

Here we see pictures of the door and the inside shelves. Not very organized and kinda a mess.

Now the after….

The door is now much more organized and cleaner. I unhooked all the shelves and washed them with soapy water. I then organized each shelf. Top shelf is for eggs and butter. Second shelf is for baking supplies like flour, yeast and coconut.  The third shelf is for condiments like mustard, ketchup, dressings, and jams. The last two shelves are for milk and juices. 

The shelves on the inside of the refrigerator are also much more clean and organized. I also took out each shelf or crisper and washed them in soapy water. 

The bottom crispers are where I keep all my fruits and vegetables. I know some people may store meat in one, but I always freeze all of my meat immediately after I purchase it.  The next drawer up is where I store all of my cheeses. Ya…we like our cheese!! 

On the top two shevles I have placed a lazy susan. It’s basically a little round platform that spins. I love to store all my cooking items like soy sauce, garlic, sour cream, olives, yogurt and such on these wonderful inventions! It makes it so much easier to not only find these items but to access them!! I know it looks like they take up a lot of space, but actually I have found them to be very helpful organizing the small items so I can keep other shelves free for bigger items. Thus, allowing me to actually store more food! Gone are the days of losing items in the back and having them go bad because you just didn’t know they where there!!

Just some friendly advice to keeping your refrigerator clean. Each week before you put in your new groceries, wipe down the shelves. It only takes a minute, but it will keep your fridge clean with minimal effort on your part.

That was one more finished project on the list! Now to the guest room! To be continued…

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