You Are Rich!

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday. Unlike other holidays, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is focused on giving thanks. It’s even in the title! A day when you count your blessing and remember how truly blessed you are. I say remember because at other times in the year, its easy to forget.

And the neat thing about stopping and reflecting on all that your thankful for, is the realization that you are indeed rich!! If you don’t mind, I would like to share with you my riches. I am rich with a beautiful family of my own and a wonderful family that cared for me and nurtured me as I was growing up. Rich with friends, both old and new. Rich spiritually with an amazing peace, joy, and faith in my heart unlike anytime in my life. Rich to live in the most blessed county in the world and rich to be called an American. I may not be rich in my bank account, but I am extremely wealthy where it counts!

On this Thankful Thanksgiving Thursday, while you sit down to enjoy a wonderful meal with family and friends, remember your blessings and what you are most thankful for. Count your riches one by one and see how truly rich you are! Wishing you and yours a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving!

Photo by TPotter2006

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