Top 10 Stops on the California Pacific Coast Highway (6-10)

On Tuesday, I shared with you my first five must-see stops
on the California Pacific Highway.
If you missed them, you can read about them HERE.


Today I am sharing with you the rest of our trip and my remaining five spots,
starting with number six.

A sweet little Dutch town tucked away in the Santa Ynez Valley.
You will find lots of cute shops and great food.

While we were visiting, they were celebrating October Fest.
Lots of beer and dancing! 🙂
We ate at a restaurant across from their town square and 
enjoyed some great food while listening to some fun music! 

Then it was time to hop back in the car and head on down the road to Santa Maria.
We grabbed a room at the Radisson, picked up some Olive Garden take out for dinner
and just spent some time unwinding.

The next morning we got up and headed down the road to a beautiful spot 
on the California coast!

7) Pismo Beach 

 Just look at the colors in that ocean water….GORGEOUS!
They had a really long pier as well, but it was pretty crowded.

And it was a tad bit windy! lol!

After snapping a bunch of pictures we jumped in the car towards our
next stop that is truly an unbelievable experience! 

8) Hearst Castle


Image from Hearst Castle

This castle is amazing! 
We took the upstairs suites tour, which is only one of six tours available.

The library had a ceiling brought over from Spain, piece by piece!

The outdoor pool alone is remarkable. 

I could easily hang by this pool all day long! Don’t I look like I belong here?! 
(Please say yes!)

It was unbelievable to think people lived like that in the 1900’s. Wow.
This one REALLY is a must see. One of my favorite places on our trip for sure!

After we left there we continued down the rocky coast and witnessed a beautiful sunset.

We arrived at Monterey after dusk and found a place to stay the night
at the coolest hotel….the Hyatt Regency.

They had some pretty cool showers. The kind that make you want to diet
because you can see yourself in the mirror while showering! lol.
 Yikes! Better skip that morning latte! 🙂

The next day at our hotel, we found the coolest chess game next to the pool.
Now I just need to learn how to play! 🙂

We left the Hyatt (which was hard to do) and headed for stop number nine.

9) 17-Mile Drive at Pebble Beach


What can I say but, life is good here. REAL good.
The homes of course, are gorgeous…

 and the views are even more gorgeous!

This scenic 17 mile drive includes everything you could want….
an amazing ocean, majestic forest and a beautiful golf course.
When we exited the 17 mile stretch we drove through Carmel.
That’s a pretty neat little town too. 
We didn’t take time to do any sightseeing here, but I would love to on another trip.

We kept driving until we made our way up to our final destination
and number ten on my Top 10 list.

10) San Francisco

There is so much to explore in this city that one day just wasn’t enough!
We did make our way to a few popular tourist destinations.

We had lunch at Pier 39…

Then we had to hike, quite literally, UP to Lombard Street.
You know the down hill zig-zag street. Just watch this truck drive down…

So crazy right?! Never seen a street like that before.

We also had to drive out to the Golden Gate Bridge as no
trip to San Francisco would be complete with out seeing that famous landmark!

The fog was pretty thick most of the day so I didn’t get a very good picture of the bridge.
But I did of the fog. It’s crazy how it just rolls over the hills. Check it out…

I loved walking around the downtown streets of San Fran.
Even their public transportation is pretty cool!

I can’t wait to go back and tour Alcatraz. I think that would be way cool!

So that is my Top 10 must see spots along the great California coast.
I truly love that state and hope to visit it many, many more times! 🙂

What’s your favorite place to visit in California?


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  1. What a cool trip! You saw a lot of stuff in a pretty short time! I live in Ca. and have been to most of these places. I have to agree that Hearst Castle is pretty cool and you definitely want to plan a trip to see Alcatraz. That is one cool, creepy place that my family still talks about! Thanks for sharing some of Ca. with us all! I am visiting from Purfylle today.

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