Toddling Right Along + Giveaway


One day last week, I was out running errands with the boys, when my oldest son asked if Britton (the baby) was now a toddler? He is now 16 months old so I guess the answer had to be yes. Even though my mouth answered the question correctly, my heart was not believing it. Don’t get me wrong, the toddler stage can be so much fun. Their vocabulary starts to grow and more of their personalty comes to life. But I love the little baby stage too. Watching your children grow up is just so bitter sweet.

But I will admit one of my favorite things the toddler stage has brought is my son’s belly walk. When he first learned how to cruise he had the cutest little swaying swag walk. But now…it’s all about that belly. It leads him every where he wants to go….

b toddlying along

It’s always out there…front and center just like it’s his compass. And it totally cracks me up. In a way…I never want him to lose that bubba belly. 🙂 This boy has got some snicker to him too. He loves to does raspberries and then laugh a snicker laugh afterwards. Who does that?!

b toddlying along with dinosuar

And yes sometimes he thinks the dog bed is his own personal play house. Butters (the pug) does not agree.

He is already starting to show a pretty strong independence too. Am I scared for terrible two’s? Please….I am terrified!!! He fights me to wear a hat, or shoes or to change a diaper. And eating is no different…one week he loves yogurt…the next he hates it. Blueberries were is favorite last Tuesday, now it’s strawberries. Good grief kid…could you help a mother out here? It can be tricky sometimes getting him all the nutrition he needs for his small, fast growing body. That’s whats so great about this Gerber® Toddler Drink. It’s an amazing way to sneak in a little more nutrients into my little belly walker.

gerber toddler Drink

Another thing that has been pretty great about this toddler stage is how he’s learning to play with his big brother. I can already tell they’re going to be good friends as they years go by.

brothers snuggling

I also have a sneaky feeling my house is going to get trashed with those wrestling matches they like to do.  😉 Now, it’s time to talk about that giveaway…

Gerber is giving away a “Welcome to Toddlerhood Kit” that includes a Gerber Toddler Drink + Bonus Gifts to one lucky reader! To enter the giveaway, visit Gerber to learn more. Then come back here and leave me a comment about your transitioning toddler. What changes do you love? What are you going to miss as they leave the infant stage?

b toddlying along in big chair

Disclaimer: Gerber sent me a free sample of Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink to help nourish my toddler’s tummy. My thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I love that seeing her discover new things, but the tantrums are insane. She is in the stage right now where she wants to walk everywhere and touch everything.

  2. I love that she is becoming more independent and interactive. I will miss the chubby infant phase. Those cheeks!

  3. I love how independent he is becoming and how he is playing more. I will miss rocking him and his baby fat ♡

    1. Hey Cami! I am going to try to make contact with you once again. You won the Welcome to Toddlerhood Kit and I need some information to get you the prize. Please email me your First name, Last name, Address, and Phone Number to If I don’t receive an email by the end of today (7/5/16) I will need to randomly pick another winner. Thanks!

  4. We have that same dog bed and my 2 year old loves to hang out there too. Our chihuahua is similarly not so pleased! lol! I love toddlers because they are just so excited about everything, but I miss that they don’t need me as much (well, sometimes I miss that anyway, lol!)

  5. I am going to miss the feeding time. Learning on their own is how it should be but i like the bonding and feeding time

  6. I really miss the cuddle bunny. As soon as he could get around on his own he was out of here. lol

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