Thankful For One-Day-Only Sales!!

Today King Soopers had a one-day-only sale on all Kellogg products. They had marked them all 50% off. But I didn’t know what the starting price was so… I gathered up all of my Kellogg cereal coupons and headed out to the store in hopes of finding a good deal awaiting me!!

And guess what…I snagged 10 boxes of cereal for an average of .63 cents a box!!! Now that is a great sale. I had a coupon for 9 out of 10 boxes (all $1.00 off or more) and with my coupons I got one box of cereal free and one for only .24 cents!!

I also picked up some milk…got to have it with all that cereal!! The coffee was on the same isle as the cereal and we were out. So my total would have been $44.93, but after sale and coupons…the total amount I paid was $15.48!!! Not to bad!! The cashier said I was a savvy shopper and she was impressed with the amount of money I saved!! But, little did she know… that’s wasn’t all…

Kellogg’s is running a promotion right now called Fuel for School. When you buy 10 Kellogg’s products you receive a $10.00 rebate check!! Go here if you want to learn more about this promotion.

So actually I got a fantastic deal!! I got cereal for free and an extra $3.73 back in my pocket!! I am one thankful mom on this Thankful Thursday!! See…even King Soopers knew that Thursdays are thankful days!!

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