Stitch Fix #6 – The Best One! (so far)


Hey there! I received a new Stitch Fix box last week and I’m telling you, this was the best one I’ve ever received. You may have noticed that the last fix I shared with you was #3. So are you wondering what happened to #4 and #5? Well, honestly the last couple have not been so great. I think maybe my stylist and I weren’t clicking or something. But good news…this box came with a new stylist named Leslie. And I have a feeling Leslie is going to be my new BFF. Just check out this outfit….



If you’ve wondered how this Stitch Fix thing works, I would recommend you start by filling out your style profile. Select your preferences on size, style, color and price range. Also be sure to share with your personal stylists your likes and dislikes. I even gave my stylist a link to my Pinterest style board for easy reference.

Then, you order your very first fix! Your credit card will be charged a $20.00 styling fee however if you decide to keep anything (one item or more) you will be credited back the $20. So really it makes sense to buy at least one thing because otherwise you spent $20 and got nothing in return. That’s no fun. After your Stitch Fix arrives, you have three business days to decided what you want to keep or send back. Inside your order is a postage paid envelope, so it’s super easy to do returns. If you decide that you want to keep all 5 items in your box, you will receive a 25% discount off your entire fix!

I have set my account to do monthly fixes but know that you have the option to decide when you want another fix. It could be in a month, 6 months from now or even next year! Alright, now that I’ve explained the details…let me show you what I got!

First up…some amazing softness to add to my life: Rosemary Cashmere Cowl Neck Pullover ($148.00).



I know what you are thinking… big splurge. Yes, this sweater is cashmere and so, so sweet. I tried it on and my heart melted. I loved the feel, the look and the warmth. I know it’s on the pricey side but I also know I would wear the heck out of this sweater. So…I kept it! 🙂 After falling in love with this I couldn’t wait to see the next item in the box.

Next up is the: Parvin Reversible Tote ($58.00).



I love me a good tote! This one is not only leather and comes with a little matching accessory bag as well. And guess what? It’s reversible to a white color. Great price too! I really, really wanted to keep it but I have a very similar tote so I had to pass. 🙁 So sad. 

Next up was the: Anita Skinny Pant ($78.00).



These pants are a merlot hue. I have to say, I don’t own a pair of pants this color so I had to try them on. They were very cute but I think there’s a reason I don’t have pants this color. Maybe it’s just cause I’m boring? I don’t know…I just wasn’t feeling it so, I had to send this one back too.

I paired the pants above with my forth item the: Elroy Angled Button Knit Top ($54.00). It’s a very cute knit t-shirt. If you know me, you know I love striped shirts. But since I already have so many and I knew I wanted to buy the sweater, I had to send it back. 🙁

Finally, the last item in my box, the: Dalacie Puffer Coat ($128.00).



I really liked the style of this coat and I loved that it had a hood. I tried it on and it fit like a glove. Oh my goodness! I had to have it. It was a splurge too, but just like the sweater, I know I will use it for years!

Even though I had to send a few items back, this fix was my favorite. It just seemed more my style and that’s so exciting. Now that I have a different stylist, do you know how excited I am to get my next fix?! (insert crazy scream!) 

So if you liked any of my items, you can try and request them from your stylist. If you have tried Stitch Fix I would love to hear how you like it! If you haven’t…you can start here. 

Did you know you can give the gift of Stitch Fix with a gift card?! Just click on the image below to get yours….


What was your favorite item in this months box?


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