Stay In Love Series Day 8: Overlook Flaws and Focus On Strengths

Truer words have never been spoken. All of us have wonderful strengths and (let’s face it) we all have some weird flaws. 

A successful relationship learns how to take the good with the bad. The laughter with the tears. The joy with the sorrow. It’s a whole package deal and hopefully your package has many more strengths then weird flaws! 🙂

My husband has an incredibly long list of strengths, too many to list.  So I will focus on a few of his bests. My man has an extremely tender heart, which is one of the things I love about him. He is also very giving and likes to reach out to strangers in need when ever the opportunity appears. His dedication to his family is monumental. He is constantly putting us first and his needs and wants last. 

With those awesome strengths comes a few flaws. Flaws like not putting things back where he found them. Or waiting to the last minute to share details that affect me. Love that one! 🙂

I often find myself asking why? Why did he not just put that back? Why did he not tell me that we are eating dinner with his parents tonight?

I  realize that if I constantly focus on his imperfections and flaws then I will start to dislike him. I start letting these little annoyances take center in my mind and my heart. And that is not how you stay in love.

When I feel myself getting angry at one of Chris’s flaws I remind myself of two things. One…I have tons of flaws and I wouldn’t want him to mediate on mine. Two…I try to list in my mind something good or thoughtful that he did today.

The more I focus on the Chris’s strengths and our relationship, the happier I am! 
Today I challenge you to overlook you partners flaws and perhaps give a compliment instead. You may find your relationship just got a little stronger.

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