Stay In Love Series Day 10: Experiences, Create Many Good Ones

Life is full of experiences. Sometimes they’re joyful moments that we want to experience over and over. Others may be moments of heartache and pain that we wish we could forget.
All experiences become memories; good or bad. When you reflect back on your relationship are you remembering the good times or the not-so-good? I think that is important when trying to keep your relationship strong.

I found an interesting quote…
“Happiness is not something you experience, it’s something you remember.”                                                                            ~Oscar Levant

What if you could cancel out bad memories with good experiences? Some researchers have found out that five positive experiences cancel out the memory of a single bad one. If you apply this, it could be a powerful tool in keeping your relationship strong.

Don’t just limit this idea to experiences. Use this principle when choosing your words to each other. If you have a moment when you are unthoughtful, do five thoughtful acts. Replace a selfish act with 5 selfless acts.
Focus on making good experiences and watch the bad memories fade to black.

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