Six On Saturday: New Uses for Toothpicks

yes they’re extremely useful after a meal of corn on the cob.
But did you know their many other uses…
1) Protect that frosting. Keep that plastic wrap away from your birthday cake by sticking toothpicks in the top before covering.
2) Glue bead and sequins like a pro. Use the sharp ends of toothpicks to apply teensy items to your craft project.
3) The perfect sewing aid. Place a stick under the center of a button so you don’t sew it on too tightly.
4) Label meat from the grill. Rare or well done? Who knows? Identify just-off-the-grill meats with different colored toothpicks.
5) Toothpicks mark the spot. Mark the end of a roll of clear packing tape by sticking a toothpick under the flap. Saving you time and frustration! 🙂

6) Reach a gadget’s reset button. What fits perfectly in that tiny hole? You guessed it…a toothpick.

Do you know of any other great uses for toothpicks?

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  1. Oh my gosh Laura these tips are brilliant! I especially need the packing tape trick – that drives me nuts! 🙂

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