Six on Saturday: New Uses for Tennis Balls

We all know that tennis balls are useful for a great game of tennis.
But did you know those little yellow balls can 
do more than give you a great back swing?

Learn six new uses for tennis balls that will have you bouncing for joy! 🙂

1) Build your arm muscles. Cut small slits into two balls. Fill with pennies or sand, then seal with duck tape. Now you have some portable weights you can take on your next walk!
2) Open your jars with ease. Conquer those jar lids by using the rubber lining of a cut ball to aid your grip.
3) Hide your valuables. Cut a little slit in a tennis ball then place valuables inside, like cash, and jewelry. Just don’t forget which tennis ball your goodies are in! 🙂

4) Remove a hot light bulb. You don’t have to wait for a burned out light bulb to cool down before removing it. Cut a tennis ball in half and then gently use it to twist the bulb loose.

5) Fluff your comforter. Speed up the drying time of bulky bedding by tossing a couple of tennis balls in the load.

6) Create your own neck massager. Place two tennis balls in a sock and lie on the floor so that the balls are under the base of your neck. Gently nod your head up and down. (It also works great on your back too!)

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Do you know any other new uses for tennis balls?

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