Six on Saturday: New Uses for Sugar

Sugar is essential for making the best sweet pie,
but did you know that sugar can do more than 
just add some sweetness to your baked goodies?

Discover six new uses for sugar that won’t derail your diet.

1) Help cut flowers last longer. Give your flowers extra nourishment by sprinkling a tablespoon of sugar into the vase water. Enjoy your flowers for longer.

2) Make your own sweet lip scrub. Combine sugar and petroleum jelly to make a paste. Then gently brush on dry, peeling lips with a toothbrush until your lips are smooth again.

3) Treat and heal wounds. Sugar can cure painful infections by killing the bacteria that prevents healing. How? Bacteria need water to survive but sugar draws water away from the wound.

4) Sweetly degrease your hands. Cut grease on your hands by rubbing them with a mixture of sugar and water.

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5) Remove grass stains with ease. Mix a paste of sugar and water, apply to the stain. Let it sit for an hour then wash as usual. Your welcome. 🙂
6) Soothe a burned tongue sweetly. If your mouth is ailing from spicy food or scorched by a hot beverage, sprinkle some sugar on the effected area and the pain should instantly go away.
Do you know any other new uses for sugar? 

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