Six on Saturday: New Uses for Plastic Wrap


We all know that plastic wrap is helpful in
preserving that leftover meatloaf.

But did you know that roll of plastic has
some other uses that have been kept under wraps?

 Discover six new uses for plastic wrap that won’t roll you over. 🙂

1) Keep utensils together. Moving? Wind plastic wrap around the trays of silverware and utensils. If they’re overturned in the move, you won’t lose any pieces. 

2) Create a box handle. Carry an unmanageable package with ease by twisting several feet of plastic wrap into a sturdy rope. Tie it around the box and then knot the rest into a handle. 

3) Improve your grip. If your work gloves cause a shovel or rake to feel slippery, wind plastic wrap tightly around the end for a better grip. 

4) Prevent spills when traveling. Stop leaky toiletries from putting a damper on your next vacation. Cover each bottle and tube with a layer of plastic wrap. 

5) Stop the drafts. Got old drafty windows? Stuff plastic wrap in the gaps to keep the wind from whistling through until you can replace with new windows. 

6) Save your paint. Cover your can of paint with plastic wrap for a clean seal and to prevent it from drying out. Then store upside down to create a tight seal around the lid.

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Do you know a new use for plastic wrap?
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