Six on Saturday: New Uses for Lip Balm

We all know that lip balm is best to heal chapped, cracked lips.
But did you know this beauty can do more than help your smile?
Discover six new uses for lip balm that will have
you thinking twice when you grab that stick.
1) Stop bleeding from minor cuts. Next time you cut yourself shaving, rub on a little balm. No more embarrassing little pieces of toilet paper. 🙂
2) Help your shoelaces stay secure. Use the balm to coat the strings where you loop and knot. Now those laces won’t budge.

3) Zip a zipper with ease. Rub a small amount of balm on the teeth of a stuck zipper, then zip and unzip a few times. 

4) Soothe a sore nose. When recovering from a cold, apply balm above your upper lip straight to your nose to heal and protect. (Just be sure to mark the tube with a N, so you don’t accidentally use on your lips.)

5) Repair a scratched CD. Spread a thin layer over a scratch on your CD and it will stop the skipping.

6) Hydrate your cuticles. Lip balm can be a great moisturizer for your cuticles. Not to mention, it’s not messy and easy to apply.

Do you know any other new uses for lip balm?

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