Six on Saturday: New Uses for Ladders

Ladders can help you reach great heights.
But don’t limit them to only a upward climb.
Both great and small,
they have oh, so many more uses.
1) A new beside table. A stepladder is the perfect height for a reading light and the steps are great additional storage for some night time reading material.
2) Let it hold the newspaper for you. Lean a wooden, painted ladder against your wall and drape newspapers over the rungs and let them hang.
3) Hanging up the towels. Instead of a typical metal towel rack, try a ladder made of bamboo (or other wood that can withstand humidity). Added bonus: no tools required! 🙂
4) Let the pots hang around. Who says a ladder always has to be vertical? Hang a vintage ladder, suspended from chains, to serve as a unique pot rack.
5) Display your bling in style. Use a ladder to artfully display your favorite accessories. This is also a great way to add color to your room.
6) Let the garden climb. A beat up ladder that may be inappropriate for inside the home can still be useful to the outside garden. Lean the ladder against your home and watch your garden climb towards the sun.
Do you know of any other great ideas for old ladders?

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