Six on Saturday: New Uses for Honey

We all know that honey can be a great sweetener.
But oh honey, did you know that sweet nectar can do more than just
add a a nice flavor to your tea?

Discover six new uses for honey that may just sweeten your life!
1) Relive coughs. In our home, if we have a cough that just won’t go away, honey is the cure. A few tablespoons will coats the throat and the sweet taste is thought to trigger certain nerves that make your throat less sensitive to the cough impulse.

2) Soothe burns. Apply a thin layer of honey to a minor burn to relieve the pain. The anti-bacterial effects may also help to prevent an infection.

3) Condition damaged hair. Simply add a teaspoon of honey to your shampoo to smooth your damaged locks.

4) Clean your face. Mix raw honey with an equal amount of cooked oatmeal and gently apply to face in a circular motion. Wait for 30 minutes, then gently wash away. The antibacterial properties in honey will clean your face while leaving it hydrated and with a natural glow.

5) Help a hangover. A few too many? Spoon a few tablespoons on some toast to feel better. Honey is loaded with fructose, which speeds up the metabolism of alcohol.

6) Preserve your food. Honey in chocolate chip cookies? If you replace the sugar in cake and cookie recipes with honey, they’ll stay fresher longer. (Just remember to reduce the liquids in the recipe by 1/5 to allow for the moisture present in honey.) 

Do you know a new use for honey?

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