Six On Saturday: New Uses For Dryer Sheets

There’s more to a fabric sheet than just removing static from your clothes. 
Here are 6 new uses:

1) Dust venetain blinds. Close the blinds then wipe up and down with a dryer sheet.

2) A thread detangler. To prevent tangles, run a threaded needle through a sheet before you begin stitching.

3) Scum Buster. Remove obstinate soap build up from glass shower doors by sprinkling a few drops of water onto a used sheet and scrubbing.
4) Clean up sawdust in a flash. Sweep up sawdust fast with one pass of a used dryer sheet.

5) Prevent old books from smelling musty when in storage. Stick a dryer sheet between the pages of your favorite beloved book.
6) Remove gunk from the soleplate of an iron. Set the iron on low and then rub the iron over the dryer sheet until the residue disappears and you are left with a pristine press!

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