Six on Saturday: New Uses for Cotton Balls

We all know that cotton balls are great for removing makeup,
but did you know those small pieces of cotton can do more than clean?


Discover six new uses for cotton balls

that will have you stocking up on those little fluffy friends.
1) Ease a toothache. No dentist available at 1 AM? Soak a cotton ball in whiskey, vanilla extract or clove oil and apply directly to the affected tooth.
2) Protect your rubber gloves. Put one cotton ball into the end of your dish washing gloves to keep your sharp nails from splitting the rubber.
3) Start a fire. Believe it or not…all you need are some cotton balls and chap stick! This video shows you how it’s done.
4) Hydrate your flowers. Help hollow-stemmed flowers (daffodils and amaryllis) soak up more water with cotton balls. Cut the steam at a 45-degree angle, turn the stem upside down and fill it with water, and then stuff it with a piece of cotton.
5) Fix a streaky tan. Sweep a cotton ball soaked in 100 percent lemon juice over stripy areas. Citric acid from the lemon is a natural skin lightener and exfoliator.
6) Make your own portable makeup. Preload a cotton ball with powder blush or bronzer for on-the-go application.
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Do you know any other great new uses for cotton balls? 

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