Six on Saturday: New Uses for Chopsticks


We all know that chopsticks are great for eating some tasty Chinese food.
But did you know those skinny little sticks have some other neat tricks?

Discover six new uses for chopsticks besides helping to fill a starving tummy!
1) Plant your seeds. Save that mani and insert the tip of a chopstick into potting soil to make small holes for sowing seeds.
2) Save your ribbon. Save ribbon from presents by coiling them around a chopstick and securing with tape. Great way to store ribbon until you are ready for re-gifting.

3) Hold your place. Use a chopstick to mark your place in that favorite book.
4) Remove lint. Use a chopstick to pluck the lint from your clothes dryer trap.

5) Make a kebab. Serve bite-sized pieces of fruit, vegetables or grilled meats on chopsticks for an easy way to serve finger foods.
6) Brew some tea. Tie a bunch of tea bags to a chopstick and place across the pitcher’s rim (2 bags per cup of water). Brew for about four minutes than discard bags.

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Do you know a new use for chopsticks?

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  1. When using my heat gun for embossing, I use a chop stick to hold down the item I am embossing so it doesn’t blow around with the heat gun. I have a spare ceramic tile underneath the item.

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