Six on Saturday: New Uses for Cat Litter

We all know that cat litter is great for well…you know.
But did you know that same litter has many other helpful uses?
Discover six new uses for cat litter that may have 
you buying it even if you don’t own a cat!
1) Get some traction. In the winter months, keep a bag of cat litter in your car’s trunk. Use it to add traction when you’re stuck in snow or ice.
2) Remove odor from your shoes. Place a sachet filled with cat litter inside your shoes and seal in a large plastic bag overnight. (Remove sachets before wearing.)

3) Send moles packing. Moles hate the smell of cat litter. Pour some down their holes to send them looking for new homes.

4) Prevent musty smells. Keep your cold weather attire from smelling musty by packing cat litter sachets in your winter storage bins and plastic bags.

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5) Help your plants grow. Keep your soil moist by using a mixture of equal parts cat litter and soil.
6) Clean up grease spills. Simply sprinkle cat litter onto fresh grease stains; wait a few hours and then sweep up. For older stains, use an old shoe to gently grind the cat litter into the stain until it lightens in color.
Do you know any other new uses for cat litter?

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