Six on Saturday: New Uses for Beer

I’m pretty sure we are all familiar with some of the most common uses of enjoying beer.
 Whether it be at sporting events, to parties or even at home to unwind.
But did you know that beer can do more than give you a buzz?
Discover six new uses for beer that I promise, won’t give you a hangover. 🙂
1) Revive your wooden furniture. Flat beer does a great job to restoring the shine to wooden furniture. Use just enough to moisten a towel and wipe.

2) Cook some chicken. Have you ever made Beer-Can Chicken? Try this recipe where you get to drink some and cook with the rest!

3) Rid your yard of pests. Is your yard getting attacked by slugs? Pour some beer into a small shallow bowl and place it out over night. They will be attracted to the beer and you will win the fight!

4) Insulate your home. An Earthship house in New Mexico has walls made with alternating layers of cement and beer cans. The beer is used as a thermal-mass insulated refrigerator. It absorbs the cold but never freezes because of its alcohol content. Pretty smart, huh?

5) Help you get some Zzzzz’s. No, I don’t mean being passed out. When washing your sheets, add some beer to the washer. Apparently the smell of beer works as a sedative.

6) Heal brown spots in your lawn. The fermented sugars in beer stimulate plant growth and kill fungi. Try spraying Rolling Rock (chemical-free) on those annoying spots.

Do you know of any other great new uses for beer? 

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