Six on Saturday: New Uses For…Bars of Soap


1) Insect Repellent. Put a few unwrapped bars of rosemary, lemongrass, or citronella soap on a picnic table and unwanted flying guests will bug off!

2) Pretty Pincushion. Stick needles and pins into a wrapped bar of soap. The soap’s oils make the pointy ends glide through fabric sew easily.
3) Hem guide. When you are fresh out of tailor’s chalk, use a bar of soap to mark a new hem on your fashion masterpiece.

4) Remove a broken light bulb. If a bulb breaks will still screwed in, don’t chance nicks and cuts trying to remove it. First, turn off the power. Then insert the corner of a large, dry bar of soap into the socket. Give it a few turns and the base will unscrew.

5) Unstick Furniture Drawers. If your cabinet or dresser drawers are sticking, rub the bottom of the drawer and the supports they rest on with a bar of soap. Problem solved.

6) Itch Reliever. Can’t stop scratching that mosquito bite? Rub it with a bar of oatmeal or aloe-infused soap to quell the urge.

Have any other great new uses for a bar of soap?

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