Six on Saturday: New Uses for a Penny

Today a penny seems almost worthless.
But don’t underestimate the value of this one cent. 
Discover six new uses for our copper friend.
1) Help straighten your curtains. Simply make a slit in the bottom hem, slide in a penny or two, then sew the slit closed.
2) Make your child some tap shoes. Glue pennies to the soles of an old pair of your child’s shoes for an easy tap-dancing experience.

3) Check your tire thread. Insert a penny into the groove of a tire with Lincoln’s head pointing in to the tire. If the tire covers part of the head, your tires are safe to drive. If most of the head is in full view, it’s time for some new wheels.
4) Use as a replacement in your favorite game. Use a penny to replace a missing game piece in your favorite board game.  

5) A makeshift screwdriver. Use a penny to unscrew a toy’s battery pack. Now Buzz Light Year can continue to make lots of noise. Awesome for the kid, maybe not for mom and dad. 🙂

6) Reduce algae in the bird bath. Toss in a few pre-1982 coins into your bird bath, The high copper content retards the growth of algae. 

Do you know any other great new uses for a penny?

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