Peanut Butter Super Buddies

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Sometimes special movies require the perfect snack.
The other day my son was watching Disney Super Buddies
and I thought a little puppy snack would be perfect for this movie.
Sebastian is a big fan of Super Buddies because he loves talking animals.
(He gets so tickled and can’t stop laughing. It’s pretty cute!)
I like it because it’s a very family friendly movie with a great message….
You don’t have to have super powers to be a super hero.
The movie even got us talking about helping others.
Whether it be his friends at school or helping me at home.
We could all use some extra help, right? 🙂
Speaking of help, how about I show you how to make this sweet snack?

I love the fact that this snack can be ready in minutes!

All you need are the following items:
– Nutter Butter cookies
-chocolate chips
-candy eyeballs
-Twizzlers (Rainbow)

The process is super simple. 
The honey will act as the “glue” for this whole project.
I started with the candy eyeballs first.
You should be able to find these in the icing section of your local grocery store.
Using my toothpick, I glued my two eyes on with a dab of honey.
I then trimmed the top off my chocolate chips with a knife.
I did this so that the chips will lay flat on top of the cookies.
After their little trimming, I glued them on.

Next step was to add the caramel ears.

It’s easy, just shape each caramel into a dog-looking ear.
The final step is to add those super power rings. Can’t forget those!

Cut a little slit in the end of the Twizzler, then gently pull the two ends apart.
Brake off a piece on one side that is about four-inches long.
 Then gently roll it, add a little honey and tuck it around the bottom of the cookie.
And that’s it…you now have some awesome Super Buddie treats.

I only made four but you could make as many as you like.

A super cute snack for an afternoon movie party with friends!

If you’re wanting to grab your own copy of Super Buddies from the creators of Disney Buddies, you are in luck!
The Blue-Ray Combo pack is in stores now, so get ready for an epic tail! (wink, wink)
You can also follow Disney Buddies on Facebook and Pinterest!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Disney Super Buddies and Blueprint Social, 

all opinions are absolutely real and 100% mine!

Have you made a cute snack for your kids favorite movie?
What was the movie and what did you make?

 You can see more fabulous projects that were inspired by Super Buddies below!


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