Painting With Wagner + Win a Wagner Flexio 3000

Nine home décor/DIY influencers from across the country were challenged to take a blank space and create a custom breakfast nook. Check out the results and enter to win a Wagner FLEXiO 3000 paint sprayer!

I’m so excited to share with you all the details about my recent trip to Minnesota! I was invited to attend the 2018 InSPRAYtional event that was hosted by Wagner SprayTech in Minneapolis, MN. Lucky for me, I was ONE of NINE bloggers selected to attend. I’m so thankful to Wagner for this wonderful opportunity to participate! 

I’ve been privileged to partner with Wagner on a couple DIY projects in my home. The first time was when I painted my kitchen cabinets with the Flexio sprayer. The sprayer did an amazing job and I can’t sing it’s praises enough! I also used the Smart Roller and Edger when I painted my super high vaulted walls. Those rollers were this painters best friend and made a huge job so much easier. Visiting the company that’s made my life easier was too exciting for words! 

Another bonus of this event was that PPG Paints was also there talking about color trends and products. It was like a home decor decorating dream! 


We all started the design challenge with two blank walls, one table with a bench and two stools and a set of light fixtures. I loved my set of pendant lights because they were similar to the lighting over my own kitchen sink.

Wagner also provided all the painting tools, two PPG paint colors, and a big selection of décor items. It was like our own private thrift store! 😉 The fresh flowers was a super nice touch. 


It was time to randomly pick our colors. Hold your breath time! I reached into a bowl and out came this:

Chilled Wine. Love the name cause everyone loves a little wine, but the color was not something I would normally gravitate to. So I was starting to freak out (just a little). My first thought was should I paint the walls this color? But then I was like no, I can’t do that. (Freak out some more!)

I started talking to the other bloggers and everyone was freaking out on how to use their color. So good to know I was not alone! I started to focus more on my coordinating color Glazed Granite. This was a dark gray, but I loved its moody feel. We were told black and white was allowed in the mix so that was good!

So after some thought, I decided my plan was to paint the walls the Glazed Granite color to give the space some depth and richness. For my accent color I would use the Chilled Wine. How was it all going to come together? Not a clue! That’s the challenge part right?!

Once they said start, I tried to grab some fun accessories for my space. Then I got some water to hydrate and of course a Coke for energy to move like the wind! 


Once I got the walls painted with the Glazed Granite, I started focusing on painting the other items. I loved the look of our table but I needed some contrast against the dark grey walls. This is where some of the white paint came into play. I taped off the legs and painted the table and seat tops all white. 

After I got the table painted, it was time for me to start painting with the Chilled Wine. You can see me in the bottom right corner working with the wine color on the floor. 

At this point in the challenge I was starting to hang some of my wall accessories. One of my favorite thrift store finds was a set of 6 mini black mirrors. They were the perfect item for some Chilled Wine! 😉 They give this side of my breakfast nook a nice pop of color and depth.


So how did the space turn out? Have a look!

And of course, I had to include this little VINO sign into the space. 😉 

The whole challenge was so much fun! 


Now, here comes the absolute best part! You can see all the other bloggers finished breakfast nooks on the Wagner Website and vote for your favorite by clicking here. 

Mine is #8 and if you happen to vote for mine that would be awesome, but you don’t have to! But, you do have to vote in order to enter to win the Flexio 3000 sprayer. Believe me…you want this sprayer in your life. I am so grateful for mine!

The whole experience was a blessing. It was a treat to meet some amazing bloggers who are so talented at what they do. All the people at Wagner were so kind and helpful. If I needed anything, someone was always right there to help. It was a pleasure to work with them all and I’m so honored to use their products! Thank you Wagner for including me and giving me the paint experience of a lifetime!


  1. My house had lots of light blue/slate colors in it growing up and yours made me feel the closest to home. Voted for you because it was truly the closest to my heart. Good luck and congratulations on such a cool opportunity. I’m looking into blogging and the whole starting is giving me major anxiety. Sites like yours really do inspire me though and make me hopeful. 🙂 Thank you!

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