Our Getaway-First Stop, New York City

We arrived home from our getaway this last Saturday and I am just now getting settled. Yes, I realize today is Thursday! I guess it just takes me 5 days to get back into the groove.

I wanted to share some pictures with you of our trip. Our first stop was New York City. I have always wanted to visit here! My husband, not so much. But he was willing to go and explore. And I was grateful.

We arrived in the evening and it was lightly raining, but that didn’t stop us from venturing out. Our first destination was Times Square. 

We thought the lights would be amazing at night and we were so right!

After a much needed dinner, we slowly made our way back to our hotel-The Grand Hyatt located right next to Grand Central Terminal. 
This was a view of our room…Chris loved the art.
I loved the view from our window…
At home we sleep with black out shades…but not in NYC!! We left our window open all night and this was the view from laying in our bed. Pretty cool…
And just for fun, this is a view from our window, looking down at the street…
The next morning we decided to stop by a few famous places…first, Top of the Rock. This is an observation deck on top of Rockefeller Center.
Isn’t that a great view of Central Park?! I think this lady is pointing at us because we are the most amazing couple she has ever seen! Or…wait..actually, I think she is just pointing at a land mark behind us. 😉
Yep, I am one of those people. I just couldn’t resist making the Empire State Building look so tiny in my hand! But we also did a nice pose around it too…
After we left the top, we wandered around Rockefeller Center. I ran into my good friend Lester at the Today Show…(actually he has know idea who I am, but I think you can tell that from the picture!)
We had to stop for a picture by the famous skating rink. I think it would be so fun to skate here in the winter. Maybe next time…

As we made our way down the streets to Central Park, we had to stop often to enjoy all the beautiful architecture!
After strolling through the park for awhile we thought, we can’t come all this way to New York City and not experience the subway! 
I took a picture of Chris as we rode and I noticed later this lovely lady in back. She has this look like, “Oh great…another tourist taking pictures on the subway. It’s just a subway!!” Cracked me up!
We got off the subway at Grand Central Terminal which was amazing to see..
The purple arrow is pointing at me…just in case you couldn’t find me in all those people! I love the outside of the building too…
Our time in New York was less than 24 hours…so of course, I already want to go back and stay a little longer next time. Maybe catch a Broadway show and see some museums. I love the energy of the city….so different from Colorado! 
Next stop on the trip…Rockland, Maine.


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