One Room Challenge – Week 6 – The Reveal!

It’s finally here, week 6 of the One Room Challenge — the reveal! I feel like this living room has transformed. Before it was just a space in a house with a couch and tv. Now I have a room with organization, personality and coziness. It’s home. Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer…here’s your first look of the new complete living room.

new living room reveal

Big change right?! (If you want to take a look back week-by-week…here’s the link to week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, and week 5.)

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Let’s start off with the fireplace area. Remember what that space used to look like? Green and brassy…no thank you.

fireplace before

Now it’s updated, smells great thanks to some Lilacs from my yard and even has some silver reflection going on with my new mirror.

This living room changed so dramatically in just six weeks! Great makeover!

fireplace in new living room with fig tree

You probably noticed the couch was moved. I wanted to give the entry way into the living room a bigger opening. But that meant I had to block the fireplace a little. For now, I think it will stay. Come winter, it may be time for another switch-a-roo. 😉

The desk work station was the main reason why the couch had to ‘kiss’ the fireplace so much.

desk work area in living room with new lighting

I placed two desks side by side to create a work/play area. My son gets to play, I get to work. Or something like that. 😉  I love the new Stacked Ball table lamps from my lovely sponsor Lamps Plus. At night, they give the room a nice soft glow.

desk work area in living room with new stacked ball table lighting

A tray in the middle of the two desks gives the work area some organization. I love the mini chalkboard easel where I can leave little messages. 😉

desk work area in living room organized tray

Let’s now jump over to one of my favorite walls in this space, the tv wall. You may remember it looking something like this…

living room before facing tv wall

Well….this space has a total new look.

tv wall in new living room

tv wall in new living room with fiddle leaf fig tree

Hanging my tv on the wall was one of the best changes to this space. And who knew it could be so easy with just a simple wall mounting kit?! My media stand is great too. Extra storage is always a plus when you have kids. Did you notice my babies hanging on the wall too? To me, family portraits make a house a home.  🙂

tv wall in new living room with new console

Oh, I almost forget to introduce you to my other baby…Fred. He’s kinda tiny now in this big basket, but mama is hopin’ he grows big! I love giant fiddle leaf fig trees, don’t you?

tv wall in new living room fiddle leaf fig tree

My entry way even got some love…

entry way with new lamp and new rug in living room

A new area rug and the coolest lamp ever gave this space some pizzazz. The steamed milk gourd table lamp from Lamps Plus has a sheer double shade. I love it!

entry way into the new living room with new lamp

entry way console table into the new living room

Of course the one item that brought all the coziness to this whole space is my favorite Diamond shag rug from nuLOOM. This lovely company was another one of my sponsors and I can’t tell you how much my family loves this rug. Every time my little tootsies step across it I am happy. You saw last week how much Britton loved it. It’s just perfect. If you are shopping for a rug, definitely go check out nuLOOM!

living room makeover reveal view of the rug from nuloom

It’s kinda hard to believe that this space went from this….

living room before facing entry way

To this…

entry way into the new living room

From chaos and clutter…

tv wall before

To organization…

tv wall in new living room with fiddle leaf fig tree

From boring…

entry way before

To simply pretty…

entry way console table into the new living room

I guess…that’s a wrap for this room. Although, if you know me…I’m sure I will be adding and tweaking over time. Thank you SO MUCH for following along on this six week journey and cheering me on. I have loved and treasured each and every one of your comments. 🙂


Thank you and Source List

A big thank you to my sponsors whose generosity was so appreciated: Lamps Plus and nuLoom.

For you – I’ve sourced the items so you can get the look! When you click on each picture below, it will take you right to the website where I found it!


  1. I love the uncluttered look and clean lines in your space! What you did with the tv and the pictures is perfect! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

    1. Thanks, Vel! I love the new space…now the REAL one room challenge is to keep it looking like this! 😉

  2. This space is so well organized now! I hope you guys are enjoying the double work space or work play space 🙂 I love that set-up! And the TV with the frames is great! My hubby just said to me that he thought we were doing that as part of our ORC, it looks great in your space!

    1. Thanks, Krystle! At first, I didn’t want desks in our living room. But now…I think they look pretty neat. Congrats on finishing the challenge! 🙂

  3. Just WOW!!! you did such an awesome all of your color schemes and furniture placement. You should feel so proud. Your rooms are amazing.

  4. Good job! I love the use of baskets, too! And the entry table is sweet – I wish I had a space for one!

  5. This looks great! I especially love the new fireplace…it’s so much prettier without the brass and green! Thanks for sharing your big reveal with us at Share The Wealth Sunday! xoxo

  6. You met the challenge head on, it turned out beautiful so refreshing, very welcoming!!
    Thank you stopping by the #OMHGFF this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Striking! I’m glad I got to see what you did with that gorgeous rug! Thanks for sharing with us at the Throwback Thursday Link party!


  8. Thanks for sharing your post on the party this week. Please come back again next week! #HomeMattersParty

  9. Congratulations! Two of your posts were selected as the featured posts for this week’s Family Fun Friday post.

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