Nine Homes You Need To See

One of my favorite things to do is look through home decor magazines. I don’t have any subscriptions because I like to make it a treat. So when I’m at the supermarket and a magazine catches my eye – I’ll buy it. Well….those weekly trips to the grocery store have been way less frequent. And I’ve been going through some major home decor eye-candy withdrawals! So today’s post is packed full of beautiful home decor. It’s all about nine homes you need to see!

Today's post is packed full of beautiful home decor. It's all about nine homes you need to see! #ninehomes #bloggerhomes #ninebloggerhomes #homedecor

They are from nine different bloggers that all have a very similar decor style to mine. They all feature a traditional decor with lots of neutral, clean spaces. And I can’t wait to show you their nine homes. So, let’s get started….

Click on the collage image or any of the following links to go directly to the nine homes!


Jennifer Maune

Jennifer lives in Arkansas with her husband and five children, ages ten to three, with a baby coming this May! She’s passionate about encouraging the busy woman to Live Life Beautifully. She shares lots of tips and trends centered around home design, DIY projects, entertaining, recipes, party planning, travel, and family. And she has some amazing photography skills!  

Here are a few of her top posts:

Spring Decor

White Bathroom Ideas

Built-in Bookcase Decorating Ideas



Chelsea from Two Twenty One

Chelsea lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and is married with two boys. She has been blogging since 2011 creating amazing content all about home decor, organization, gardening, parenthood, tips & tricks, recipes, and more! She loves peonies, succulents, memes, gifs, and margaritas – it’s like we are twinsies! 🙂 Her posts are always entertaining to read, one hop over to her sight and you’ll see what I mean. 

Here are a few of her top posts:

Living Room Window Treatments

Growing Peonies

Spring Entryway



Jennifer at Clean & Scentsible

Jennifer lives in beautiful British Columbia with her hubby of 10 years and she’s a mom to two boys like me. 🙂 Her blog is full of crafting, decorating, and organizing — you can already see that we have a ton in common. So I’m sure you are going to love her too!

Here are a few of her top posts:

Household Organization Diet

Free Easter Printable

Kitchen Spring Decor


Ashley at Simply Designing

Ashley started blogging back in 2010 because she wanted to share simple and amazing ways to decorate your home through DIYs, crafts and simple home decor ideas. And you know I love anything and everything that’s simple. Ashley has so many ways to update your home – you will definitely want to explore her website!

Here are a few of her top posts:

Summer Hoop Wreath

How To Make A Farmhouse Sign

Industrial DIY Printer Cart



April at House By Hoff

April lives in Indiana with her husband and daughter. She has her own photography business and a remarkable blog! Her home decor style is much like mine; light and traditional. She shares a ton of fantastic DIY tutorials and has been featured in multiple magazines. Be sure to stop by April’s blog!  

Here are a few of her top posts:

DIY Guest Bathroom 

Simple Living Room

DIY Mudroom Bench and Storage



Rebecca at Hello Central Avenue

Rebecca likes to share simple ways to achieve a classic style for less! Whether it’s through decorating, DIY projects, or organizing, she has fabulous talent in adding little details to create cohesive and finished spaces. And who doesn’t love to decorate their home for less?! Rebecca has a ton of fabulous posts that are sure to inspire you!

Here are a few of her top posts:

DIY Spring Hoop Wreath

Lego Storage Ideas

Master Bedroom Update



Carmen at Living Letter Home

Carmen lives in North Carolina with her husband and two kids. Her blog is a team effort with her husband doing all the math and handiwork and she the content writer. Together they’re making their 1980s Cape Cod into a forever home on a serious budget, with a huge dose of sarcasm and humor along the way. Think Restoration Hardware style on a Dollar General budget! 

Here are a few of her top posts:

Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table

DIY Mirror Frame

Master Bathroom Refresh



Laura at Duke Manor Farm

Laura lives on a farm in the middle of North East Georgia raising a family…. with a paint brush in one hand, feeding chickens in another all while doing the mom thing. Duke Manor Farm is full of DIY projects and tutorials, I’m talking more than 100+. Laura has amazing style and a gorgeous home that is sure to give you tons of inspiration!  

Here are a few of her top posts:

Welcome To Laura’s Home

Spring at Duke Manor Farm

How to Tile a Bathroom



DeDe at Designed Decor

And last, but definitely not least of the nine homes tour is DeDe. She is the repainting and repurposing furniture queen! Her blog is full of passion for DIY, painting, decorating, and just plain living. Her decor inspiration is focused on a thrift budget, using what you have, finding second-hand treasures, and working with the style of your home. DeDe’s blog is one you can’t miss! 

Here are a few of her top posts:

Bold Inviting Entryway

Budget Friendly Home Office

Modern Kitchen Makeover

I hope you enjoyed meeting some new bloggers today and hopefully their nine homes have given you tons of inspiration!

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