Six on Saturday: New Uses for Plastic Straws

We all know that straws are helpful for
enjoying the very last sip of our favorite drink.
But did you know those thin, plastic tubes
can do more than slurp?

Discover six new uses that won’t have you grasping for straws! 🙂
1) Flavor your water. Tape the bottom of a straw closed and use a funnel to fill it with a dry drink mix like iced tea. Then bend and tape down the top. Now you can enjoy your favorite drink on the go.
2) Core your strawberries. To make coring strawberries easy, pluck the leaves and the stem, then use a plastic straw to tunnel from the top of the berry to the bottom.
3) Keep food fresh. Leftovers spoil more quickly when air is trapped inside the bag. Simply suck the air out with a straw before sealing it up. Help last night’s dinner last longer!

4) Extend your stems. Boost a bouquet to new heights by inserting short flower stems into plastic straws.

5) Create a pendant light. That’s right! You can make a light with straws, this tutorial shows you all the steps.
6) Avoid jewelry tangles. The next time you travel, prevent delicate necklaces from knotting by opening the clasp, feeding the chain through a straw (cut the tube in half if needed), then closing the clasp.

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Do you know a new use for straws? Share it below!
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