Six on Saturday: New Uses for Aspirin

We all know that aspirin is great for curing that pounding headache, but did you know that little pill can do more than just relieve pain?

Discover six new ways to use aspirin in your home! #sixonsaturday #newusesforthings #aspirin |

Discover six new uses for aspirin that may have you running to the nearest drug store to stock up! 🙂

1) Remove sweat stains. Dissolve eight aspirins into half a cup of warm water. Pour this over the stain and allow to sit for ten to fifteen minutes; wash as normal. If stain isn’t completely removed, repeat the process once more.

2) Shine your hair. Every two weeks crush an aspirin and mix the powder into a dollop of shampoo before lathering up. The acid in the aspirin will help remove any dull coating on your hair.

shine your hair with aspirin

3) Charge a car battery. Say what?! You may want to stash a bottle of aspirin in your car after reading this little tip. If you’re stranded without power, you can drop two aspirin pills into the battery cells to jump-start the charging. (The sulfuric acid in the battery mixes with acetyl-salicylic acid in the aspirin to create one charge.) It will be enough to rev up the engine and get you to the nearest service station.

4) Clean your shower. Save money on cleaning supplies and grab some aspirin. Dissolve two uncoated aspirin pills in warm water and use the paste to remove soap scum and other contaminates.

clean your shower with aspirin

5) Repair drywall. When aspirin is wetted and then dried, it acts like an adhesive. So mix up some crushed aspirin with water and patch up those holes.

6) Treat acne. Zap those blemishes in no time! Simply crush aspirin and water into a paste and then spread over inflamed area. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off with warm water.

treat acne with aspirin(All Image Credit)

Do you know a new use for aspirin?



  1. What an interesting post, I never knew that aspirin can help shine the hair, very interesting! Thank you for sharing and joining our Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove

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  3. These are some interesting uses that I had never heard of. Great to know. Thanks for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

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