Six on Saturday: New Uses for Baby Wipes

We all know that baby wipes are good for well, wiping the baby. But did you know those same wipes can do more than just clean your little ones tushie?

new uses for baby wipes

Discover six new uses for a baby wipes that require no baby to be present!

1) Buff your bathroom. If guests are popping in and you’re in need of a quick bathroom cleanup, baby wipes can get the job done.

2) Remove deodorant stains. Did you get dressed and find that deodorant left its mark? Simply use a baby wipe to lift those hard-to-remove stains.

remove deodorant from clothes with baby wipes

3) Keep your car tidy. Store some baby wipes in your car. They’re perfect for keeping your interior clean and they can help you pass the time when stuck in traffic. 😉

4) Clean your keyboard. Remove dirt, dried spills and unspecific gunk that gets in your keyboard with a baby wipe. (Just make sure you power down before wiping.)

clean your keyboard with baby wipes

5) Shine your shoes. Have your leather shoes lost their shine? Polish your shoe with a baby wipe to make it look like new.

6) Pick up sawdust. No more pesky sawdust in your work space.  Sweep up it with a quick swipe of a baby wipe.

clean up sawdust with baby wipes

Do you know a new use for baby wipes?

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