New Stitch Fix #3 Has Arrived


Guess what arrived in the mail last Saturday? If you said another box full of fabulous Stitch Fix clothes, you would be correct! This months box had some plaid, some dots, a pop of red and must have!

If you’ve wondered how this Stitch Fix thing works, I would recommend you start by filling out your style profile. Select your preferences on size, style, color and price range. Also be sure to share with your personal stylists your likes and dislikes. I even gave my stylist a link to my Pinterest style board for easy reference.

Then, you order your very first fix! Your credit card will be charged a $20.00 styling fee however if you decide to keep anything (one item or more) you will be credited back the $20. So really it makes sense to buy at least one thing because otherwise you spent $20 and got nothing in return. That’s no fun. After your Stitch Fix arrives, you have three business days to decided what you want to keep or send back. Inside your order is a postage paid envelope, so it’s super easy to do returns. If you decide that you want to keep all 5 items in your box, you will receive a 25% discount off your entire fix!

I have set my account to do monthly fixes but know that you have the option to decide when you want another fix. It could be in a month, 6 months from now or even next year! Alright, now that I’ve explained the details…let me show you what I got!

First up…some dots: Pixley Curran Split Nick Blouse ($44.00).

stitchfix 3 curran split neck blouse

This top looks so cute right? Match it with a great pair of jeans, some red Toms and you’re good to go. Well…that’s not exactly what happened for me. I don’t know if the dots were too big or maybe I’m just too big…but this top made me look faaaaaaat. I showed my husband and he’s always honest with me (which I love!). He said, “Baby, that tops makes you look fat. I love you…but no.” So…yea….this baby is going back.

Next up is: Market & Spruce Evella Boatneck Top ($64.00)

stitchfix 3 evella boatneck top

I love me some stripes! You all know that but this top just wasn’t doing anything for me. It just kinda hanged there. I like it’s layered look without having all the bulk. But for $64.00…I just had to pass.

Next was: Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt ($48.00)

stitchfix 3 colibri plaid printed tab-sleeve shirt

This top was cute. I like the red and it went great with the red Toms. But I just don’t wear that much plaid. I tried it on and as soon as I did, it took me all of one second to say, “Nope.” I have to send this one back too.

Finally, the last two items I was sent was: Toms Classic Slip-On Flats in red ($48.00) and Market & Spruce Chaplin Lined Hooded Anorak Jacket ($94.00)

stitchfix 3 chaplin lined hooded anorak jacket

You can probably tell that I liked the Toms! (I did have them in every outfit! 😉 ) So comfy and I adore that pop of red. Fun!!! So yea…those stayed here with me. The hooded jacket was super cute. Loved the striped lining and the cinch-tie at the waist. It give me a nice, little figure. When my husband saw me in this jacket he said, “So flattering! You should totally get that. It gives you a cute waist and you butt looks great!” Ummmmm….what do you say to that? SOLD is what you say! The price was a little higher than I would normally spend on a jacket. But with those kind of compliments, I have a feeling this jacket is going to get a ton of use!  Heck, I might even sleep in it. 😉

So if you liked any of my items, you can try and request them from your stylist. If you have tried Stitch Fix I would love to hear how you like it! If you haven’t…you can start here.

What was your favorite item in this months box?



  1. So jealous about Stitch Fix as we can’t get it in Canada – yet ?!

    Looks like you got some great pieces for Fall.

  2. Super cute stuff! I hope some of them are in my Sept. box!!

    Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday on

  3. Love the jacket! That grey color will go with everything, too. I have a similar one in olive and it’s one of my favorites. And I am sooo with you on those red shoes– casual fab!

  4. Love those little red shoes! They’re so versatile. They look perfect with that striped top and cargo jacket.

    Thanks so much for linking up with Friday Favorites! Hope you’re having an awesome week!

    The Closet by Christie

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