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When asked me to participate in their Love Your Home series and share my favorite place in our home I was thrilled. I knew instantly what space I would pick. My son’s bedroom will always have a special place in my heart. It was such a neat experience to imagine a room design, make it and then step back and behold it. This room remodel challenged me in many ways but it also helped me discover a creative side that I never knew existed.

big+boy+bedroom ~ Inspiration for Moms

The whole room transformation happened because my son was outgrowing his toddler room. He wanted a big boy’s room and he loved pirates. I knew a nautical theme with some fun accents would be perfect for years to come.

I wanted his bed centered between built-in cabinets for two reasons. One, it would give the room a great focal point. And two, create a cozy little nook for reading and sleeping. Since his room didn’t have any cabinets, I built my own. When that whole wall was complete, I was giddy. They had turned out better than I even imagined. The organizer in me immediately started filling the cabinets with toys and placing pictures of family on the shelves.  😉


Staying with the pirate theme, I decided this space should have a “walk the plank” wall.  So on the opposite side of the bedroom I created a white-washed plank wall. It was a nice way to add more character to the bedroom and balance out the bold cabinets. I completed the wall with an AHOY sign for a nice pop of blue.


I found the perfect bedding to compliment the theme as well, complete with shark sheets. Why don’t they make shark sheets for king sized beds? 😉 My son’s favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Shark found his happy place too!


Once the room was completed, I loved seeing my little man enjoying it. All the hard work, the time and money spent creating this special place was totally worth it. Still love those spray painted lampshades!


Last November I had to say goodbye to my happy place when we sold our home. It was so bitter sweet. But now I am excited to see our future home and all the new opportunities to create. Only this time I get to make two special bedrooms, one for my oldest son and one for our new baby boy. 🙂

If you would like to read more about all the tutorials for this bedroom makeover, go HERE. Where is your happy place in your home?



  1. I love this! I need to redo the boys’ bedroom, but we’ll probably hold off until we move into a house where they’ll have their own rooms.

  2. His room looks like it belongs in a magazine! We’re about to revamp our kids rooms too. I need to hire you out to build us some shelves and decorate!

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