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I’ve been blessed with many things in my life but by far…the greatest blessing I have ever received are my two sons. Being a mom has taught me many things. For example, the true meaning of sacrifice, exhaustion, joy, heartbreak, love and happiness. Many of you loved my Nursery Art Printables so I wanted to share some more special quotes that represent the love a mother has for her child. These printables any mother would love are perfect for the nursery of course. But could also be just as sweet placed on a bedside table.

for all the things my hands have held - FREE Printables any mom would love!

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I remember the first time I got to hold each of my sons. Both experiences were incredibly different but just as special. I can’t hold my 9 year old any more…so I admit that my 17 month old get lots of extra holding time. He’s not always a fan but I know this time will not last. Got to hold ’em while you can. 😉

someday when the pages of my life end - FREE printables any mom would love!

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My life story was pretty boring before I had kids. Now with kids, sometimes I get a little scared wondering what’s going to happen in the next chapter! 😉 Speaking of books, I couldn’t pass this quote up when it comes to describing the love a mom has for her baby. No matter the age…

I love you forever Ill like you for always - FREE printables any mom would love!

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Every time I read this quote, my eyes get so teary. Before I had children, I remember reading this story to my students in Kindergarten and wanted to cry. Can you imagine how the tears flow now that I’m a mom?

Printables Any Mom Would Love - Perfect for the nursery or bedside table!

I hope these sweet printables will find a place into your home. As always, to print…simple right click on the image and save to your computer. Then simply use your own computer software to resize and print.


  1. Such sweet lovely quotes. And I know what you mean about that book… my kids pull it off the shelf and say “oh, this is the one that makes mommy cry”. Haha! I just can’t help it. Thank you for linking up to Family Joy Blog Link-up Party this week!

  2. These really are so so sweet! I love having words and quotes up and around. They can be like the perfect way to reset or come back to Now! 🙂

  3. Awww, these are lovely. Such sweet messages and printables!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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