Six on Saturday: Most Unusual New Uses

I’ve been doing the Six on Saturday series for several years now. Over that time I have stumbled upon some pretty unusual new uses for items. For this weeks post I thought I might be fun to take a look back at some of the most unusual new uses I’ve shared. They may surprise you like they did me. 🙂

Most Unusual New Uses from Inspiration for Moms

1) Dust your fan with a pillow case. Slide an old case over a fan’s blade then just gently pull the fabric back keeping all the dust contained. (Your welcome!)


2) Clean your dishes with coffee grounds. Place a few teaspoons of coffee grounds on a clean rag to scour away grease. Rinse clean.


3) Save your cell phone with rice. Oh no, drop your phone in the sink? Dry any visible droplets and pop the battery out. Stick both the phone and battery in a bowl of rice overnight. The rice should soak up most of the remaining moisture.

4) Light things up with a dry spaghetti noodle. If you have run out of long matches, grab an uncooked spaghetti noodle to light hard to reach candles.


5) Start a fire with cotton balls. Believe it or not…all you need are some cotton balls and chap stick! This video shows you how it’s done.


6) Charge a car battery with Aspirin. Say what?! You may want to stash a bottle of aspirin in your car after reading this little tip. If you’re stranded without power, you can drop two aspirin pills into the battery cells to jump-start the charging. (The sulfuric acid in the battery mixes with acetyl-salicylic acid in the aspirin to create one charge.) It will be enough to rev up the engine and get you to the nearest service station.


What was your favorite most unusual new use?


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