Man Alive, He’s Five!

This day started early. Like at 5:45 in the morning early. I  brought it upon myself. But you know what? It was totally worth it!

You see, last night I sneaked into my son’s room and hung up decorations for his birthday. He still has a habit of climbing in bed with us in the middle of the night. So I knew there would be a chance that he might see all the decorations before morning. Well..that’s exactly what happened.

Picture it…you are sound asleep from exhaustion. Next thing you hear…

“Mom. Dad. There’s new stuff in my room!!”

I am like…”Yeah, yeah. Climb in is early.” Did that work? Not in a million years. Lights start flipping on. He is up and he is excited!! 

So, yeah. My day started earlier than I had planned. But was the look on his face and the joy in his heart worth it? You bet. Am I so tired right now that I can hardly type this post? You bet.

I wanted to show you my Super Why cake…please be kind. I did my best…

I made a Hummingbird Cake ( you can find the recipe HERE) and then made cream cheese frosting. I kept trying to work on it (because I am a perfectionist) and my husband told me to leave it alone and just be proud. So after about 18 tries to sneak in the refrigerator for just one more tweak…I took his advice!

I think the Birthday boy liked it…

To excited to stop and pose…the life of a five year old. Hard to believe. Seems just like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. 

Happy Birthday, baby love. Wishing for many, many more birthdays to come. 
And this tired mom needs to find the sand man…good night all.


  1. What a cute idea putting decorations in his room. I might just start that tradition around here. Your cake looks Great!!!

  2. LOVE The cake. My little guy’s birthday was today! So much fun decorating for them! Stopping by from the blog hop. Hope your son has an awesome birthday weekend!

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