Keepin’ It Real

Ever have one of those days that 
whatever was on the to-do list was scratched because 
your messy house was driving you nuts?
Please say yes. 
Cause today is that day for me.
I have about 15,000 other projects I want to complete but
I can’t because I come done the stairs and see this…
Or I look at the kitchen island and I see this…
Or the kitchen table is a disaster like this…
I want to start making fall craft decorations,
but can I actually start another mess when I am already living in one?
I wish the answer was yes,   
but I can’t.
I have to clean, throw junk out and organize.
I have a hard time keeping a balance in my home.
It always seems that when I start a new project
other things in the house start piling up and 
soon it’s out. of. control.
So today is ‘race around the house for a good two hours 
and see how clean I can get it day’!
The timer is set.  

Ready…set…here I go! 🙂
Wish me luck. 



  1. i love it that you are keeping it real! sometime i get annoyed that on every other blog i follow, all i see is “Perfect little spaces” kind of makes me jealous and irritated! so thanks Laura for showing me your mess! i feel better now!!

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