I Finished It Friday: West Elm’s Inspired Desk

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It’s another fabulous Friday!! And I have another finished project to share with you!

I have been in search for a simple desk and I when I found this desk…I knew it would be perfect for my needs!

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But you know me…why buy when you can build!! So I found that same desk design along with plans to build it over at Ana White’s wonderful site!!
I gathered up my supplies; some mdf, primer, paint, and 6 hinges.
First, I cut all of my wood.
You like my saw horses? Sometimes, a girls got to improvise! 😉  After I had all the wood cut, I primed it and then painted it.

I then grabbed my BFF (my nail gun!) and started assembling the top and legs.

You may have noticed that some of the boards on the above two pictures are not painted white. Well, when I was pre-cutting all my boards, I forgot to cut the boards for the ends of the legs! Silly, Laura! But no biggie…I added them, then painted and primed some more and moved right on to the next step!
Which was attaching the hinges. I will admit I was a little scared to install these because you need to be exact. But the included directions had a nice template to use which was so helpful! They actually went on really easy!
And here is the finished project…

The reason I built this desk is for two special guys…
They wanted a place to play computer games together and now they have it. I made the desk a little longer so they both can sit side by side and enjoy all the playing action in its glory!

I have the desk a few inches away from the wall to allow room for the computers CPU…and I don’t really like the extra space. But, I have a plan to fix that and I will be working on that this weekend! (If you would like to see how I fixed the extra space, go see my new Inspiration Wall.)
Here’s a little peek inside the legs. I love the hidden storage!

A close up of the top with the lid down. A nice place to hide the key board and add a little additional width to the desk.
Do you remember what our desk looked like before? It was a corner desk that took up lots of room…
And this is the view now…
I redid those shelves to, but I am saving that for next week Friday! I will give you another peek when I get the room completely done. But for now I have to say….Me Likey!!


  1. I followed you here from Surfin Saturdays blog hop. This is wonderful you did a great job. I wish I had the time to do something like this however, if I would schedule my days I probably could. I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

    Peace, <><

  2. Impressive as always. When Tony and I were looking for the perfect table/desk for our “office”, we both said, we just need Laura to build us one. Lol Another awesome job Laura!!

  3. I absolutely LOVE how you modified Anna’s plans so you could hide the computer base in the leg – genius! Do you mind sharing about how much this cost to build and how long it took? I’ve never built any furniture, but this is too amazing not to try!

  4. @Jessica
    Hi Jessica! Thanks! I like to hide ugly computers and cords! 🙂

    This project was very inexpensive. Wood was around $40.00 and the hinges were around $13.00. I already had paint and nails. And I built it in one afternoon. Super easy and a great beginners project. Just be sure to measure your computer height and width and add several inches to that- just to make sure everything fits! 🙂
    Good luck!! 🙂

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