How to Get Healthy Meals Without the Planning Stress


It’s dinner time. Are you prepared? Learn how to get healthy meals on the table without all the planning stress.


Planning meals….the struggle is real. Now I understand why my mom would get frustrated when we had no suggestions for dinner.

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

I’ve tried to plan weekly meals and was doing a pretty good job until the second little one came along. Now, when 5:00 rolls around I think, “Oh no…I’ve got to do dinner again.” Not that I don’t like to cook, because I truly do. But coming up with a variety of healthy, well-balanced meals that everyone loves five times a week. It’s so hard and what ends up happening is we resort to eating out or having another burrito bowl. There’s only so many of those you can eat.

So when the lovely people at Blue Apron asked me to try their meal delivery service, I couldn’t say YES quick enough.

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

You have probably heard of meal delivery services like Blue Apron and thought, “Nope…I don’t think it would work for our family.”

But wait a sec! Believe me…I had that very same thought but now that I’ve actually tried it…I’m pretty impressed this will solve our meal planning problems.

So here is how it works…once a week a box is delivered to your front door. Inside are all the ingredients for two meals (we buy the family plan which feeds our family of 4 perfectly). Included inside are recipe cards for each meal along with cooking instructions.

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

All the items in the box are labeled so you know what ingredients go with which recipes. The meat is wrapped separately and all the items that need refrigeration are clearly marked.   

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

Then when dinner time arrives, I just pick a meal and start cooking. No asking anyone, no wondering if I have all the ingredients. Just simple cooking!

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

How to get healthy meals without stress. Try it!

All the meals have been delicious and only took me about 45 minutes to cook. I admit, the whole family was a little unsure of the process. Like what if they send meals we don’t like? Or what if the food quality isn’t great? Or what if they keep sending the same meals?


1) Not having to plan was wonderful. I mean, come on! All I had to do was pick a meal, open the refrigerator, grab the ingredients and cook. How simple and low stress is that?! Plus when that dreaded question was asked (you know….what’s for dinner?) I could answer it without a worry!

2) The ingredients have always been fresh. Every meal we have received had great quality meats and produce. Blue Apron provides seasonal ingredients direct from farms and family-run suppliers. I love that!

3) We’ve enjoyed the recipes. The meals we have received thus far have been great. There is however, the option to skip any week you dislike the menu…which we’ve done with no problems.

3) I’m pretty sure were are saving money. The cost per meal is a little higher than what I would normally spend at the grocery store. But we are eating out less, which everyone knows how expensive that can be. Plus the not having to plan and stress…well, that makes it totally worth it!

If you are struggling to feed your family healthy meals, stop the frustration and give Blue Apron a try. I even have a coupon code for you! Just click the link below to get $30 off your first box:

Blue Apron. Take Back Dinner. Get $30 Off!



Try Blue Apron and get $30 off!

Try Blue Apron today. Seriously. End the meal planning stress.

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