Happy Halloween!


My little guy has been so excited for Halloween. We got his costume about 3 weeks ago and he has literally been carrying it around with him!

So today was the day! Here he is in his Super Why costume…

But of course, before we could go trick-or-treating…we had to eat our snake dinner! 

Sebastian was so excited to get to eat ‘snake’ for dinner! And don’t worry, no snake was actually hurt in the making of this Halloween dinner. This is a recipe from Paula Deen…and I think it just might also be a new tradition in our home!

Sebastian got to paint the snake before we cooked it in the oven. I think it turned out pretty cute and tasty!

After a full tummy, we headed out to the night’s main event…trick-or-treating!

After we got a full pumpkin of candy, we were happy!! We had a wonderful Halloween and I hope your family did too!!


  1. what a cutie i love his pose what a darling! Happy to see you and your family had such a lovely Halloween, I have to admit Paula Deen is one of my favs!

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  2. Hi! I’m a new follower from the Tigger Hop. 🙂

    Great costumes! & I love the snake cake!

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