Happening Now

working on: getting fit. I am on Day 3 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred
I never knew a body could hurt so bad. 🙂
loving: this quote:


listening to: Bruno Mars. A Christmas gift from my hubby.
♫ Oh yeah yeah yeah, Ooh! ♪

waiting for: next Monday when my son starts his Tumble Classes again.
We make it a family fun event with dinner at Chili’s beforehand.

wanting to: remodel the master bedroom.
I have been searching Pinterest for ideas, something like this… 

planning for: an unexpected trip to my mothers. 
I just booked my flight yesterday and I am leaving in a six days.

trying to: drink more water and forget what a soda is. 
{fingers in ears} I can’t hear you Dr. Pepper.

dreaming of: traveling. 
I would love to be eating my lunch right now at one 
of those tables in Venice.
using: my new iPhone, alot!
Although, I still haven’t figured out how to add music or make a playlist.
needing more: sleep. 
I am doing better, getting to bed by 11pm on most nights.
Which is a big change from 1am.

learning to: not look at my phone when in bed.
Just ’cause I made it there, doesn’t mean I am actually sleeping at 11pm.
wearing: a fun blue nail color. 
It’s good to try something different…although it does chip pretty easy. *sigh*

craving: sweet potatoes. Yum. I think I could eat them every meal.
{Thinking about them now is making me so hungry!}
excited for: Spring. 
I want green grass, pretty flowers, flip flops and warm sunshine.
Oh, and leaving the windows open, filling the house with fresh air.

doing: a million things at once.
Washing dishes, doing laundry, typing this post, sending
out emails and playing Words with Friends.
All. Happening. Right. Now.

wishing: my son would debate with me less.
Son, save it for college when you will really need it. 🙂

hoping for: more patience.
It would help me tremendously and probably those around me.

So that’s what going on with me.
Care to play along?

What’s happening right now in your life?


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