Gardening Made Simple

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Well, hello there! I think summer has officially found Colorado. 
The days have been starting to heat up! I have been busy in the backyard trying to finish all my outside projects before we get into those super hot days.
Now that I have my raised garden finished it’s time to move on to my fence flower planters. 
Planting flowers is such an easy project that gives tons of color and beauty to my backyard.
I didn’t need much to make this beautiful fence garden come alive.
My supplies were simple:
-beautiful flowers (I chose pansies)
-planting pots
-hanging hooks an
First step was to attach the hanging hooks to the fence. 

Then I grabbed my Miracle-Gro potting soil…
I filled my pots up about 3/4 of the way with my soil…
Next was the fun part…adding my pretty flowers.
Make sure to add some extra soil around the flowers to fill the pot.
Last step was to give my new colorful friends some water.
A quick and easy gardening project that anyone can do.
Gardening shouldn’t be hard or overwhelming.
If you have been wanting to get your hands dirty but don’t know where to start
I have a great resource for you….The Gro Project.
A place to showcases a variety of gardening projects from people just like you and me.
Not only will you see some amazing, fun garden projects but you will also learn
that gardening can be fun and enjoyable!
This short video also gives you some more details about The Gro Project.
YouTube video
And don’t forget another great place to look for ideas and follow along is on Miracle Gro Pinterest page.  They have a great selection of projects to inspire anyone’s green thumb!
So now that you know how easy gardening can be, what’s going to be your first project?
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