Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy Friday everyone!
What a crazy week this has been!
I am still trying to get back into the home routine
after our week long vacation.
I guess I must have really liked sleeping in,
eating out and not having any chores or errands to run. 🙂 

I know what your saying,
welcome back to the real world Laura, right? 
Ok, if I must. 
I thought since fall is offically here,
I would dedicate this weeks Fantastic Finds to everything fall.
Sound awesome? Cool….let’s do this!

Fantastic Fall Dessert: Apple-Cranberry Pocket Pies. How cute are these little pies? Great for a snack or fall gatherings.


Fantastic Fall Drives: US Listing for Orchards, Pumpkin Patches and Scenic Fall Drives. Find the perfect drive to enjoy all the beautiful colors of fall and maybe pick up a pumpkin or two.



Fantastic Fall Beauty: Essie Hot Cocoa…the perfect nail color for fall.


Fantastic Fall Bucket List: Don’t miss a day of this fun season. Print off this fall bucket list and enjoy fall to the fullest.


Fantastic Fall “Why Didn’t I Think of That”: The perfect way to carve a pumpkin so there are no more singed hand hairs!

Fantastic Fall Outfit: I love this cap-pullover and the boots, perfect for cooler weather.


Fantastic Fall Cookie: Pumpkin Blondies. These looks so scrumptious. 🙂
Fantastic Fall Quote:
Fantastic Fall Comfort Foods: 16 Fall Skinny Soups. Fall and soups are just made for each other. 
Fantastic Fall Flowers: I love Mums, combined with pumpkins is the complete fall look.
Fantastic Funny Fall Sign: Moms, would you agree?!
Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  1. Hi lovely Laura! This beautiful post makes me miss the States even more. I’m raising my kids in South Africa where the seasons are opposite around. They are half South African and half American.

    I’m now following you with Google+ and GFC. I have a blog hop on the go and I’d love it if you popped in and linked up.

    Tina – mom of 4 and author of 5 blogs

  2. Love your blog! Who doesn’t love mums, right? lol. Love, love love the dessert and nail polish…two reasons for me to LOVE fall even more, which I thought wasn’t possible!;-) Thanks for sharing! Stopped by from SITS Saturday Sharefest, btw.

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