Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Welcome to the weekend everyone!
Today is a big day for little man
because we are going to the pet store after 
school to get a new “Bob” fish. 🙂
He has been counting down the days since
Monday’s sad event.
We are so happy to get him a new pet and give a 
 fish a sweet new home!

Saturday night, hubby and I have a hot date. 
Actually, we do have a date night but it just got 
scheduled as of yesterday.
So we don’t really have any ‘hot’ plans yet
but I am sure we can think of something to do! *wink, wink*

 I found some great finds this week that I am sure you are gonna love….

Fantastic Sweet Desserts: Conversation Cakes. How cute are these? Love them. 
Fantastic Lodging: Treehouse Point. I want to stay here and you can too because these tree houses are for lodging, complete with full size beds, furniture and electricity!! Awesome, right?!

Fantastic Inspirational Thought About Love:


Fantastic Cooking Tip: Blow Your Mind Popcorn. My husband loves popcorn, me not so much. (All those years working asst. manager at a movie theater in college ruined it for me.) He only wants to eat organic popcorn. Well, I don’ think it can get any more organic then this way of popping it! 🙂

Fantastic Morning Exercise: Good Morning Yoga. I am trying to add more yoga into my day and I think these 8 poses would be a great way to start your day.

Fantastic Funny Pet:

Fantastic Advice for Couples: Keep The Spark Hot! Great information on 10 ways to keep the romance alive in your marriage!
Fantastic Idea: Want to be super lazy with me?
Have a fantastic weekend!


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